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Star spotting in Palm Springs

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by Stanley Stewart – Times UK
“It was not until I was naked in the hot pool with the minister and his wife that I began to appreciate the character of the desert.”

…Palm Springs has an active sideline in hotels where the guests are able to strip off. I checked into one with my toothbrush. A part of me was dreading it. I didn’t mind getting naked, but I wasn’t sure I needed to see a lot of other people naked…

In the end, it was midweek and there was almost nobody there, except the minister and his wife. In the hot tub, they put me right. It’s all about body acceptance, the reverend explained.

We don’t judge, we accept. He gave nudity a vaguely spiritual air. It is not about seeing the body, but about ignoring it and seeing the person.

I was busy ignoring his wife’s free-floating breasts. But I realized he was right. The desert is about acceptance. From the early shenanigans at the Racquet Club to the latest spring-break weekends, Palm Springs has always turned an indulgent eye on its visitors…

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