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Adults-Only Hotels, Part 2

by Beata Loyfman

Last week, we brought you our picks for top adults-only hotel zones. Today we crank it up a notch to satisfy your (secret?) naturist jones with… destinations dedicated to the clothing-optional lifestyle. I know what you’re thinking: Unshaven, hemp-loving hippies munching on tofu burgers, realigning their chakras, and sleeping in hammocks on the beach (Woody Harrelson, I’m talking to you).

Well, not so fast. At these swank, adults-only spots, the only realignment you’ll feel is when the masseur fixes that nagging kink in your lumbar spine….

Nearby in Desert Hot Springs, the Living Waters Spa focuses on the rejuvenating benefits of the (naked) spa experience: Massages, wraps, mineral baths, and complete (naked) tranquility (sorry, can’t stop). This means no swingers or sex parties allowed. For that sort of thing, try one of the Hedonism resorts.