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Desert Hot Springs – Cities of the Coachella Valley

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On the north side of Interstate 10, the nearly 24 square miles of Desert Hot Springs sits on the valley’s west end. The city’s back is set against the vast Joshua Tree National Park. It has its own water supply, both hot and cold. The city’s hillside views include the sparkling towns and spectacular mountains of the entire CV. Sitting pretty, Desert Hot Springs is a community that has a lot to celebrate.

The population of year-round residents is over 27,000. There is a dichotomy about this community. While it houses the poor and the working class it also has world-class resorts and million dollar views. On the hills, in between single-family homes tucked into neighborhoods behind ornate gates and finished walls, are the amazing boutique spas of Desert Hot Springs.

There are 24 spas and hotels that have between six and 110 rooms. The owners are educated, sophisticated and committed to providing a place of wellness and relaxation, all with loads of style and character. Most spas have treatment rooms and massage therapists on site. The springs come directly from the city’s hot aquifer. It is odor free mineral water with temperatures between 85 and 185 degrees… Living Water Spa has a unique flow through water system. For 18 hours the hot mineral water fills its pools using pressure and the water leaves under gravity…