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10 Reasons You Should Go to a Nudist Resort (At Least Once)

When going on vacation, you want nothing more than to relax and let loose. What better way to embrace that idea fully than to not only indulge in pampering spa services and decadent dining, but also go totally nude? Forget just stumbling on to a clothing-optional beach; go all in, and let it all hang out at a nudist resort. These are the top 10 reasons why you should try one at least once in your life…

4. They have killer spa services
Naturists are all about body acceptance and relaxation, so at their luxury resorts, you can expect some pretty high-end spas. At the Living Waters Clothing-optional Spa in Desert Hot Springs, Calif., for example, you can indulge in mineral springs that leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. The only catch is that clothing is optional. From $159 a night, you can enjoy a variety of top-notch massage services or simply lay poolside concealed by frosted glass in sunny Palm Springs.