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Nudist Vacation Hot Spots That Will Blow Your Mind

Face it, Bella. The staycation is not for you. An island paradise or mountain getaway, sipping cocktails while wiggling your toes in the surf and basking in the sunset and, oh, what the hell, slipping off your clothes — that’s more your style. Completely exposed, yet refreshingly private. Some of the most beautiful places in the world to be naked while vacationing are out there, just waiting for you to visit.

Nude mineral spa — Living Waters, Palm Springs

If you visit Living Waters Clothing-optional Spa, plan to soak, lounge and repeat. It’s a modest, subline resort in the shadow of San Jacinto Mountain. The water in the pools at Living Waters is fed from a private spring at a rate of 15-20 gallons per minute and is straight from the earth’s mantle. It’s naturally heated and free from chemicals (no need for chlorine with this rapid exchange rate). Go for the healing waters or just the opportunity to hang out naked while disconnecting from the rest of the world or for the world class massages. No judgment.

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