A Beginners Guide to Understanding Clothing Optional Travel

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A Different Kind of Travel Gift To Give Yourself

by Julia Rosien

*The following is an excerpt from a guest’s website describing what it was like for her to visit Living Waters Spa. You can read the full article here.

Would you visit a clothing optional resort? Shed your clothes and just be? Can you relax enough in your own skin, enjoy your humanity in ways you haven’t since you were a child?

I’ve been visiting clothing optional resorts for more than a decade and each time I visit a new one I’m presented with a different way to think, alternative ways to see the world and how my body travels through it. Disconnecting from all I’ve created in my life allows me to connect with what lives at my core – the Julia who lives under all those layers of clothes…

Being naked with a group of people – for that first naturist resort and each one that follows – heightens my other senses. I’m more aware of how my body moves, unhindered by belt buckles and bra straps. Movement is fluid when I brush my shoulder or elbow or knee against my husband’s. Feeling skin touch skin without the barrier of clothing is a jolt as much as a comfort…

But, you ask, how do you overcome the idea of people seeing your cellulite, your bum dimples and stretch marks? How do reconcile yourself with breasts freed from their beautifying support? You don’t. It’s as simple as that. People who visit nudist or clothing optional resorts aren’t more beautiful, more shapely, more anything than anyone else. They’re not older, younger, hipper – or even hippies. They’re just people with wonderfully imperfect bodies. Their reasons for shedding their clothes are as varied as their bodies and within a few minutes, you start to understand that none of your worrying exists anywhere but in your own head…

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