Events & Workshops at Living Waters Spa

There are many things that set Living Waters Clothing Optional Spa apart from other resorts but the biggest is our desire to provide you with “more than a vacation.”

Our events are designed to enhance your intimacy and romance.  Couples find it hard to discover a safe place where they can increase or re-kindle their intimacy and romance.  Look no further, we are that place!

If you’d like to have “more than a vacation” then check our schedule and visit us on a weekend that we have a workshop — it will be the best weekend you’ve spent together in a long time!

November 10, 11- Living Waters Spa 14th Anniversary

If you’re hip to the jive you’ll not want to miss our LWS 14th anniversary. Prohibition lasted about 14 years, so we decided to celebrate our 14th anniversary with a Speakeasy theme.

Dinner is complimentary for all overnight guests on Saturday, November 11th.

Reservations are now being accepted, two night minimum. Pearls and fedoras optional. Leave heaters, gats, rods and roscoes at home.

For reservations, please call 760-329-9988 (Office Hours: 8am-8pm PST)

Tools For the Toolbox of Intimacy & Romance

Couples Massage Instruction

In this customized session, we teach couples how to massage each other. Our instruction can range from simple romantic massage, to learning tools for targeting problem areas, to instruction in techniques of sensual touch, or a combination of techniques

Cost: $295 for 2 hours

Call for reservations: 760-329-9988 (Office Hours: 8am-8pm PST)

Couples Coaching

Our couples coaching is for those who wish to grow or rekindle their private life. We (Jeff and Judy) create a safe space where the couple can talk about issues they are facing in their physical relationship. We then share from our knowledge, experience and background, with various massage techniques to encourage communication and the rekindling of feelings, often long lost.

Even if couples are doing well, this is still a wonderful experience to learn and grow closer to each other. Click here for a testimonial of this Couples Coaching.

Cost: $295 for 2 hours

Call for reservations: 760-329-9988 (Office Hours: 8am-8pm PST)

Workshops frequently held at Living Waters Clothing-optional Spa

Couples Massage Workshop

In this basic workshop couples will learn how to give a sensuous massage to each other that is good for the giver as well as the receiver.  Various massage techniques and body positioning will be taught to make it an enjoyable session.  This is great for couples looking to grow their abilities to communicate with each other via touch.  No massage experience needed. Call for more information: 760-329-9988

Couples Head & Foot Massage Workshop

Everybody loves a head or foot massage (or both)!  In this workshop couples will learn how to give a fantastic head and foot massage.  This session is one you don’t want to miss.  It is lots of fun and it feels good too!  We’ll help you learn some wonderful relaxation techniques to share with your partner.  No massage experience needed. Call for more information: 760-329-9988

PACE Palette – Social Styles

Curious about why you and your partner do things the way you do?  A fun and easy way to find out is with the PACE Palette social styles assessment.  If you have ever used one of the complex self-assessments and have trouble remembering what it all means, you will love this simple, valid, diagnostic approach.  People continually rave about how this tool has improved their romance and relationships with family, friends and co-workers.  We find our guests talking about this for the rest of their stay! Call for more information: 760-329-9988

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

We always offer a 25% room discount for Breast Cancer Survivors. However in October, all Breast Cancer Survivors get 50% off room rates. Donations to the Susan G. Komen Foundation will be accepted and appreciated.

It's Personal

Breast cancer is a cause that is very personal for the owners of Living Waters Spa. Judy, along with her husband Jeff, owns the Living Waters Spa, and Judy is a breast cancer survivor.

Read more about Judy's story.