Massage and Body Work at Living Waters Spa

If you’ve never had a Massage at Living Waters Spaprofessional massage or if you’ve only had a massage that left you feeling “hurt,” let us restore you with “good touch.” We can bring the “being” back into you! Our massages are magical…and some of the best you’ll ever have.

So, why not pamper yourself with an amazing massage? Here are some of our popular specialties that are unique to Living Waters Clothing-optional Spa.

(Rates are for overnight guests. Please add $55.00 day use fee if you are not staying at LWS.)

Sunday Special

Day Visit and a Massage
Single: $129 (Save $46!) Couple: $259 (Save $46!)



This massage is uniquely ours, drawing from the finest of traditional Western and Eastern approaches. This massage is based on long, flowing strokes that ease muscle tension, gently calm and help reconnect you with yourself. Drift into a state of deep relaxation.

$120 for 75 minutes
$155 for 90 minutes
$230 for 2 hours

Imagine lying on side-by-side tables while each of you receives our Signature Massage. Your shared relaxation session will send you on a peaceful journey together.

$250 for 75 minutes

Four-Handed Massage
The ultimate experience in relaxation as you double your enjoyment of our Signature Massage. Your body and soul will receive the full attention of two therapists working in simultaneous flow to transport you to a place of deep tranquility and meditation.

$250 for 60 minutes


Enjoy any of these 30 minute sessions individually, combined together, or added to our “Relax” sessions.

30 minute treatments:
Any one for $75
Any two for $140
Any three for $210

Light touch specifically addresses the nervous system, creating an overall calming.

$75 for 30 minutes

A leisurely facial cleansing, plus a neck, shoulder and scalp massage.

$75 for 30 minutes

Treat your feet to a gentle sugar scrub, reflexology and a nurturing massage.

$75 for 30 minutes

A gentle micro-buff is used to scrub away dead cells, increase circulation and invigorate your skin.

$75 for 30 minutes

While the mud detoxifies and moisturizes, receive a relaxing scalp or foot massage.

$75 for 30 minutes

A gentle massage with lotion softens your dry skin.

$75 for 30 minutes

The atmosphere at Living Waters Spa is peaceful and meditative. They play soft music in the daytime which makes the experience all the more tranquil. It is such a relaxing and comfortable environment!

How to Get the Most Out of Your Massage

We want you to feel at ease and gain the greatest benefit possible from your spa and bodywork sessions. You are invited to begin with a soak in our world-famous mineral waters. Before we begin any treatment, we want your input.

Tell us about your body and needs, and we’ll explain our intentions and procedures.

During your session, close your eyes. RELAX, ENJOY and RECEIVE. We hope that you will have a wonderful, joyous experience.

After your massage, allow yourself time. Please soak in our magical waters once again and extend the benefits of your blissful journey.

For reservations and other inquiries, please contact us.

Office Hours: 8am – 8pm PST

13340 Mountain View Rd. Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240

Finnish Sauna

We are proud to have a vintage 1960’s Finnish Sauna.  It is completely restored and offers an amazing experience.   The Sauna heater is a “Helo-mini” made in 1962 by Saunatec of Finland.  The company is still in business and proudly proclaims: “for over 40 years American architects have specified Helo more than any other.” 

Helo is esteemed the world over by people who enjoy good sauna, people who know that the heater is the heart of sauna and that everything depends on it.  Helo’s roots are steeped in the Finnish tradition of sauna.

The sauna at Living Waters Spa is one of the finest you’ll ever experience.   Our Sauna room is also classic.  It is made out of 100% “heart” redwood and over the years it has aged to perfection.